Join Us in Prayer


When I fall on my knees

with my face to the rising sun, 

O Lord, have mercy on me. 

from Let Us Break Bread Together

Prayer is a precious opportunity we have to talk with God. We can talk anytime, anywhere, because God is always listening. In addition to our own prayers, Blawenburg Reformed Church offers two opportunities for you to grow in your prayer life.  

  • We Pray is a Zoom meeting held each Sunday at 5:00pm.  You will share concepts and methods of prayer and join others in prayer. You will also find the Zoom link to join the We Pray meeting on the We Pray page.

  • Prayer Corner is a location on this site that shares prayer concepts as well as prayers to deepen your connection with God.

Visit each of the pages that are linked below.  Above all, remember, God is always on standby for you!