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Special Prayer Service
Pray for World Peace
Sunday, November 5

Pastor Jeff Knol will host a special time of lament, prayer, and a call for peace. The service will take place in the sanctuary on Sunday, November 5 at 4pm. You are encouraged to come in-person, but Pastor Jeff is planning to use Zoom during the service as well. 


This prayer service comes as a response to everything that has unfolded in Israel and Gaza. We will pray for those who were in the land of Israel and were affected by the terrible attack on October 7, which caused the loss of thousands of innocent lives and the taking of hostages. We will also pray in response to the subsequent war in Gaza, which has claimed the lives of thousands of innocent Palestinians; caused hundreds of thousands to flee their homes; and which is causing a tragic and ongoing  humanitarian crisis. We will call for peace. We will pray that this conflict will be resolved with as little loss to human life as possible. 

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