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Other Ways You Can Help the Church and Community

Planned Giving

Endowments Support Church Programs

Blawenburg Church is blessed with four endowment funds to support specific aspects of our programs.  These funds have been bequests to the church by named donors and supplemented by additional contributions in memory of the departed.

  • The Skillman Fund combines a donation by Beatrice and Tom Skillman with the Preservation Fund to help preserve our church properties.

  • The Johanna Naumann Fund supports mission activities.

  • The Anne Thompson Fund was intended to pay the cost of mailings, but it has changed with the times to support contemporary means of communication such as the web site and other electronic media.

  • The Memorial Fund combines undesignated gifts in memory of a variety of people for special needs.


If you would like more information about creating or supporting an endowment through planned giving, please contact the pastor or church administrator.

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