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Blawenburg Reformed Church Cemetery


Blawenburg Reformed Church Cemetery 

1006 Route 601,

Skillman, NJ 08558.

Mailing Address

Blawenburg Reformed Church

PO Box 424

Blawenburg, NJ 08504


for Questions, Sales, and Burials

Eric Perkins

(609) 947-3617

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About the Cemetery

Blawenburg Church Cemetery began as a private family cemetery on the Van Zandt farm in the mid-1800s.  As time went on, the family donated it to their church, the Blawenburg Reformed Church.  Subsequent land donations greatly added to the size of the cemetery.  We are grateful to the Van Zandt ancestors for their generous donation.

Find a Grave

Do you want to find a specific grave?  Click the links below to open/download.



                                     Gravesites Alphabetically                           Graves List by Section

Rules and Regulations

Click the link below to learn about the rules and regulations of the cemetery.

Cemetery Rules and Regulations

updated Summer 2016


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