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Sinterklaas 2020 Online

Order: December 1-10, 2020

Pickup: Saturday, Dec. 12, 10am - Noon

Here's how to order items.  Start here by reading the directions.

1.  Ordering 

  1. Order products between December 1-10 right here.

  2. Click the button on this page to access the order page.

  3. Select the products you wish to order.

  4. Type your name, email address, and phone number on the form provided.

  5. Note the amount that will be due at pickup.

  6. Click the Check Out button to place your order.

  7. You will receive a confirmation of your order.



2.  Picking Up and Paying

  1. Pickup day is Saturday, December 12 from 10am to Noon.

  2. Payment is due at pickup.  Cash or check only.

  3. Drive to Cook Hall, wear a mask, and remain in your car.

  4. Call (609) 558-4471 or (609) 731-6701, and tell us your name and the color/brand of your vehicle.

  5. Someone will bring your order to the car and accept your payment.


Thanks for helping us keep the Sinterklaas tradition alive despite the pandemic. We will give 20% of our profits to a charity and the rest will support the church.

Need Help?

Call (609)466-1832



See the products available below,

then go to the Order Page to place your order.

Soups:  All soups are listed on the order form with the quantity available.  Homemade, frozen soups are in quart and pint sizes.  

Dutch Apple Cakes:  These delicious cakes are made to order in 8"x8" pans.

apple cake.jpg

Honey:  Pints and quarts of NJ honey.  Supply is limited.

Crafts: Lap quilts, and other sewn holiday items are made by church members. They are one of a kind.  See the pictures below and order items by the letter shown.

hot pads.jpg

Pot Holders  $10   l-r - A, B, C, D


E -Wreath Table item 19x19"   $25

christmas trees.jpg

F - Table item

15x17"   $20

table 2e.jpg

G - Block Table item 16x27"   $25

two snowmen.jpg

H -Snowmen card holder 11x18"   $25

snow globes.jpg

J - Snowglobe Laptop Quilt 

25x32"   $35


I -5 Snowmen Table item 19x12"   $25

star lap quilt.jpg

K - Star Laptop Quilt 

28x42"   $35

snowman and bird.jpg
snow people.jpg
joy snowman.jpg
diamond 2e.jpg

L - Snowman & Bird Laptop Quilt 

21x36"   $35

 M - Snowmen Stars 

Laptop Quilt 

22x35"   $35

N - Joy Snowman Laptop Quilt 

25x42"   $35

O - Diamond

Laptop Quilt 

31x44"   $35

angular snowman.jpg

P - Angle Snowman Laptop Quilt 

14x24"   $25

wash cloths.jpg

R - Knitted wash cloths. Sold in packs of 2.    $6.00 per pk

pinwheel 2e.jpg

Q - Pinwheel

Laptop Quilt 

24x36"   $35

Feb 01, 2021, 9:00 AM – Feb 11, 2021, 9:00 PM
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