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Good News Home for Women
A Mission of Blawenburg Reformed Church

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Good News Home for Women is a residential substance abuse rehab center located in Flemington, NJ.  Founded as a Christian nonprofit organization in 1983, it opened its doors to residents in 1987. It is funded by donations from individuals, corporations, churches and also receives funding and supervision from the State of New Jersey. Payment assistance is available from Medicaid and state programs based on a sliding scale with income.


The Good News Home includes a four-bedroom house accommodating 12 women. An old, picturesque two-story red barn dominates the campus and offers classrooms, offices and a conference room. 









The Mission

      The mission of the Good News Home is to provide a comprehensive long and short-term residential substance abuse treatment program that offers a professional, faith-based, non-denominational approach.  Treatment focuses on healing women using Christian 12-steps, addiction counseling, life skills and spiritual counseling to overcome chemical addiction. Integrated treatment is used for clients who have been diagnosed with co-occurring disorders. 


The purpose of our program is to rehabilitate women who have life-destroying problems associated with substance abuse. The Good News Home provides support to women to help them become mentally sound, emotionally balanced, socially adjusted, physically well and spiritually alive. 






The Program

      The program at Good News Home offers a wide range of classes providing addiction awareness and tools to achieve and maintain recovery of a balanced life. Therapy encompasses classes and activities that include: individualized therapy and classes in topics such as trauma and abuse, family dysfunction, relapse prevention and many other issues. Life Skills include a focus on nutrition, health issues, household management, menu planning, shopping, cooking, and budgeting. Other essential services are provided such as: legal assistance and court advocacy, as well as medical and dental services. 


Other activities that add to the daily/weekly routine are: weekly visits to a gym for individual workouts and group classes. Frequent AA and NA meetings, Bible Study classes, and weekly trips to different churches in the area are an important part of the program.

Comments from a Volunteer

Angie Rebert, who has been a volunteer for the last 14 years teaching a Christian based 12 Step curriculum, shares her passion for the program at the Good News Home in the following account:


"I believe I was called to teach the 12 Step Program at Good News Home. It was definitely a ‘God Incident!’ I attended a conference entitled The Church and Addiction. There, I met the director of Good News Home, and I immediately made plans to volunteer there!  Fourteen years later, I still feel called to teach there, even though, NOW, it requires a different mode of teaching and interacting by Zoom. 


At Good News Home, the program interweaves our Christian faith into our classes, our counseling, and our daily living activities. There are morning and evening devotions, Bible Study, grace at meals, and church activities. My own teaching has evolved into opening the class with prayer, personal testimony, and a closing blessing. Sometimes we interrupt the class discussion to pray about something a class member shares. Within the framework of this program, we can teach that our lives, though often difficult, can be met with a measure of grace and peace, even joy.... when we have an ever-evolving relationship with God, as revealed by His Son Jesus.”














Blawenburg Church is pleased to be able to support this important mission to women who need support in overcoming addiction.  We thank Angie Rebert for her important work in this mission.

The underlying philosophy:

Faith in God can do for us that which we cannot do for ourselves.

At Good News Home, we teach:

     Even when you leave GNH and transition out,

     Even if you fall into temptation and relapse,

     Even when difficult life challenges arise,

                  You are not alone!

     All you have to do is REACH OUT!

     And Jesus is there, REACHING OUT for you!

     With Jesus you can overcome and be victorious!

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