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Leadership Teams

The Blawenburg Reformed Church is a family of God’s people united in Christ through the Holy Spirit. We commit our gifts to worship, hospitality, life-long learning, serving those in need, and proclaiming the good news of salvation in Jesus Christ.


The Leadership Teams carry out the business of the church and implement the church budget and programs in their areas.  They make recommendations to the Consistory to implement new ideas or expenditures.


David Cochran, Team Leader

The Communications Team plans, implements, and oversees the publicity of the church including  internal communications such as the eNews and Beacon newsletter, sermon podcasts, newspaper and social media releases, the church website, and event promotion.



Jean Beachell, Team Leader

The Finance Team oversees all church expenditures and fundraising.



The Hospitality Team has two divisions, Congregational Care and Family Life.


  • Congregational Care

          Barb Reid, Team Leader

The Congregational Care Team looks after those who need care in the church by informing congregants of people in need and organizing efforts to assist them.


  • Family Life 

         Evelyn Cochran, Team Leader

The Family Life Team helps to provide the fellowship of God’s church. They plan and implement opportunities for our church family to gather together to share fellowship.


Lifelong Learning 

The Lifelong Learning Team provides resources to help members grow towards spiritual maturity.  

They help raise our children in faith through Sunday School education and communicants’ classes; create and present opportunities for members to grow spiritually through lectures and Bible studies; and equip members to take an active part in the leadership and ministry of our church.



Barbara Pavlicek, Team Leader

The Mission Team seeks to demonstrate God’s love to our neighbors by meeting their needs and healing their hurts in the name of Jesus.  They feed the hungry, clothe the poor, care for widows, orphans, and victims of injustice; make personal connections with those in need in our immediate community; engage congregational members in hands-on mission projects; and identity, publicize and coordinate opportunities for members financially to support other organizations helping those in need.



Gracie Johnson/Peggy Querec, Team Leaders

The Properties Team oversees all matters pertaining to campus buildings and grounds, construction, maintenance, etc; plans work days; and solicits contractor bids.



The Worship Team has two divisions.  One team oversees worship services, while the other looks after the sanctuary.


  • Worship Team

      Barbara Antoniewicz, Team Leader

The Worship Team helps plan and implement the worship services so we can gather as a community to celebrate God’s presence among us. They create and implement Sunday and holiday worship services; celebrate communion, baptisms, weddings and funerals; provide a welcoming environment for visitors and a spiritual and reflective worship experience for members; and provide a nurturing environment in which to bring our prayers and petitions before God.


  • Sanctuary 

     Chip Parmele and Eleni Chatzidak, Team Leaders

The Sanctuary Team prepares the sanctuary for all services of worship: weddings, funerals, Sunday worship, etc..   It straightens pew racks, acquires flowers, and tends to general tidiness.

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