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When I fall on my knees

with my face to the rising sun, 

O Lord, have mercy on me. 

from Let Us Break Bread Together

Prayer Corner is a place for you to visit for inspiration and suggestions about how you can connect with God. It is our desire to help you reach out to God more often and in more ways.  We hope that this connection will bring you more discernment, more peace, and more love for God and others... even for yourself.

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Prayer Corner 12


Receiving God’s Revelations


by Angie Rebert

"Call to me and I will answer you,

and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know."
Jeremiah 33































Following Pastor Jeff’s recent sermons about seeking, asking, and expecting signs from God, I want to focus on the importance of God’s ongoing personal revelations.

I believe God is constantly communicating, connecting, and revealing His message to us. God wants us to desire to know His will about all the situations in our lives, important situations, and even small things.


God wants us to ASK for His wisdom.
God wants us to pray about everything unceasingly.

Praying, to me, is living through the day, committing everything to the Lord.

Ideal times to pray for increased knowledge and discernment are early in the morning in a mediational mode or in the evening upon going to bed before drifting off to sleep. We need to have an unhurried quiet time to calm our minds.


Most of all, we need to desire to receive revelations from God.

I sometimes pray like this:

Oh Heavenly Father,
Blessed Lord Jesus,
Guiding Holy Spirit…

Reveal to me what you want me to think, say, and do.
I want to hear you with understanding.
Please empower me for Your Purpose and show me Your Way,
Thank you Lord for Your Blessing.
In Jesus name, I pray.

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Enhance this prayer devotion with a song, Open My Eyes by Jesse Manibusan and Patrick Loomis:



Photo by James Kovin on Unsplash



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