Soup for Sinterklaas

December 7, 2019

More Soup...Less Stress!

It’s that time of year again when we will be building up our soup supply for the big sale at Sinterklaas. Soup sales have been popular at previous Sinterklaas events, and we would like to continue the tradition this year. We are looking for at least 150 containers of soup (in pints and quarts). The good news is that if many of us fill just a few containers, we will reach our goal.


The process is straightforward.

1. Find your favorite recipe.


2. Get soup containers in the basement of Cook Hall. We have pint and quart containers.  You MUST use our containers.  Do not use previously used containers.


3. Make the soup at your convenience.


4. IMPORTANT: Tape a label on the LID of the soup container that lists the name of the soup and its ingredients.


5. Put the soup in the CHEST freezer in the kitchen in Cook Hall anytime. Be sure to print your name and the name and quantities of your soups in the blue folder near the freezer.


That’s it! When you’ve made your soup, sit down and relax knowing that you’ve helped the church raise money for God’s work in our church and community.


Thanks in advance for your help. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask Dave Cochran, Soup Team Chair. (


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