Soup Making


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More Soup...Less Stress!

Soup makers are a hearty stock!  Undaunted by the pandemic, we will have an adapted version of our soup project this year.  Here is what you need to do to make soup.



You first need to tell Barb Reid that you will make soup.  You need to indicate which of the soups below and the number of quarts and pints you will make. We have chosen certain soups that we would like.  These are: 

  • Chicken or Turkey

  • Butternut Squash Mascarpone (This is a specific recipe that would be provided.)

  • Split Pea

  • Chili

  • Clam Chowder – Manhattan or New England

  • Vegetable Beef

  • Ham and Bean

  • Vegan – no animal products, only vegetable stock


You may use your own recipes for these soups except for the Butternut Squash Mascarpone. That recipe will be sent upon request. 

Let Barb Reid know this information via email or phone: or 609-466-1832.



  • Get soup containers in the Library of Cook Hall. Please use the front entrance to the building. We have pint and quart containers.  You MUST use our containers.  Do not use previously used containers.  Wash the containers before adding your soup.


  • IMPORTANT: Tape a label and put it on the LID of the soup container.  The label should include the name of the soup and its ingredients. If the soup is vegetarian or vegan, be sure to include the name of the stock.



Put your soup in the UPRIGHT freezer in the kitchen in Cook Hall anytime. Be sure to print your name and the name and quantities of your soups in the blue folder near the freezer.


Be sure to have your soup in the freezer and logged in by Monday, November 30.  


That’s it! When you’ve made your soup, sit down and relax knowing that you’ve helped the church raise money for God’s work in our church and community.


Thanks in advance for your help.


If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

The Soup Team

Dave Cochran, Evelyn Cochran, Barb Reid