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Run with Rotary

April 30

The church has a team that will be participating in the one-mile ramble.


To sign up to walk and to find out more, visit


We will also have a table at the event. Volunteers are needed to sit at the table and provide information about the church. For more details about how to get involved, contact the church office - (609) 466-1832.

Sunday worship, usually held at 10am, will be at 5pm this day only.

Bikes for the World

May 6

On Saturday, May 6, the Blawenburg Church will be hosting a bike collection event. Folks in our local community are encouraged to donate their unneeded bikes along with a $10 donation to help with the processing of those donated bikes. The drive will take place in the church parking lot from 9:00am until 1:00pm. 


We are running this drive for an organization called Bikes for the World. This group collects bikes in North America and helps to distribute those bikes to communities where they will make the biggest impact all around the world. Pastor Jeff personally saw how bikes can make a big impact in peoples’ lives when he and Jamie visited Uganda in 2013. In many parts of the world, people need to travel long distances to get to school, work, or get their food and water. The time-saving and work-saving help of providing free or affordable bikes can literally transform peoples’ lives. Bikes for the World asks for a $10 donation with each donated bike to help cover the cost of shipping the bikes to where they will make the biggest impact. They work with partner organizations around the world to ensure that donated bikes are fairly distributed to those who truly need them. Our Scout Troop 46 will be here to help with the bike collection event. The scouts will help to pack the bikes onto the truck provided by Bikes for the World. Even more information can be found at the website:


Members of the Blawenburg Church can help with the event in the following ways:

  • Donate a bike(s) and make a $10 donation per bike.

  • Inform family, friends, and neighbors about the drive. Tell people about the drive and encourage them to donate unneeded bikes! 

  • Volunteer at the event! We need a few helpers to sit at a table and process donations. There will be two shifts; a shift from 8:30am-11:30am and a shift from 11:30am-1:30pm.

If you would be willing to volunteer, please email Barb at

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