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Ways You Can Make a Donation

We are a 501c3 non-profit organization, so your donation is considered a charitable gift.



1.  Send a check to the church ~ Blawenburg Church

                                                    PO Box 266

                                                    Blawenburg, NJ 08504


     Make the check payable to:  Blawenburg Church.


2.  Make a donation during worship with cash or a check.


3.  Transfer your donation via Paypal.  Use the office email address:  


4.  Donate from your investments.  These funds can be sent directly to our bank.

     If you must take a Required Mandatory Distribution from an IRA account,

     consider donating a portion of these funds to the church. 

     Donated RMDs are not taxed.


5.  Consider making an annual pledge.  You can pay it weekly, monthly, annually, or on whichever schedule meets your situation.  You may pay by check, Paypal, bank transfer or other means.


Contact us if you need assistance with your donation.


(609) 466-1832  ~



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