Worship Changes

Effective June 20, 2021, we will begin to relax some of the in-sanctuary procedures that have been in place during the pandemic.

Time Change: The service will begin at 9:00am.


Changes to Health and Safety Guidelines:


1. Masks 

It is strongly recommended that all individuals wear masks while attending the worship service.


2. Singing  

Each week the congregation will sing two hymns led by the organ, within the normal flow of our worship service.


3. Spoken Announcements and Prayer Requests 

During the Announcements time of our service, congregants will be welcome to speak aloud their announcements or prayer requests. 


4. Bulletins, Hymnals, and Bibles 

These worship materials will be returned to the pews and used on a weekly basis.


All other existing safety measures will remain in place, including the socially-distanced pews, open windows, fans for ventilation, and the check-in and attendance table. Unison and responsive readings will continue to be spoken only by the leader, offering boxes will remain at the church exits.