Current Health and Safety Guidelines

for In-Person Worship

(Updated in October 2021)


1.  Attendance Check In – Upon entering worship, we take attendance for contact tracing purposes.


2.  Masks – It is strongly recommended that all individuals wear masks while attending the worship service.


3.  Social Distance and Ventilation – Available pews are socially distant, and we are keeping our sanctuary ventilated with open windows and fans.


4.  Offering – We are not passing an offering plate during the service, but there are offering plates located near the entrances of the sanctuary.


5.  Singing and Speaking During the Service – We currently are singing two hymns during each service. Congregants are invited to speak portions of our liturgy such as the Lord’s Prayer and Apostles’ Creed. Congregats may also make announcements at the appropriate time during the service.


6.  Fellowship Hour – Fellowship Hour is temporarily suspended.  It will resume when the pandemic has passed.

Sunday School and Nursery

We would normally have child care available during worship and Sunday School afterward.  Due to Covid, we have suspended these programs.  We hope to be able to restart them in 2022.